Brexit - Chequers Plan

I appreciate, understand and respect strongly held views, reasonably expressed, on both sides of the Brexit debate.

However, we had a binary choice at the referendum. 57% of South West Wiltshire voters voted to leave the EU in 2016. I was one of them. 

Northern Ireland

As Chair of the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee, it is a key aim of mine to give Northern Ireland the due care and attention it deserves, particularly in the current political climate.

Getting Behind Brexit

Having supported the campaign for the UK to leave the European Union, I believe the British people made the right call on 23rd June. Indeed none of us wish to see division in our society, nor do we want prosperity to be undermined by politicking on either sides of the negotiating table.

Strengthening our NHS

As a licensed medical practitioner, I have worked hard to support our wonderful NHS both inside and beyond Parliament, and I continue to do all that I can to make it better still.

Remembering the Great War

Since 2011, I have had the honour of serving as the Prime Minister's Special Representative for the Centenary of the Great War.

Boosting trade

In 2016, I was appointed by the Prime Minister to the role of UK Trade Envoy to Morocco and Tunisia. As Deputy Chairman, and former Chair, of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Morocco, I have been a long-standing supporter of North Africa.

Protecting our national security

Having served in the armed forces myself, I understand the need for a strong defence. Today's geopolitical climate is one of instability and we cannot take any chances when it comes to keeping the British people safe.