Andrew submits his Objection for Westbury Incinerator

Local MP Andrew Murrison has joined 428 individuals and organisations who have submitted comments to planning authority Wiltshire Council on the proposed Westbury incinerator by the closing date yesterday.

Northacre: Andrew says Westbury didn’t lose one smoke stack only to get another

Andrew is strongly objecting to a revised application by Northacre Renewable Energy and Hills Waste to change its plans for a gasification plant on the edge of Westbury to an old style incinerator taking more waste, belching more carbon and particulates and increasing heavy traffic through the to

Andrew's car park concerns

Andrew has expressed surprise that town councillors have come up with a plan to improve Trowbridge centred on the removal of car parking and the demolition of the multi-storey car park. 


Andrew marked Saturday’s COVID relaxation in Mere with a long awaited haircut at Lou’s hair salon and a cuppa at the Angel Tea Room with his wife Jenny.

He said;

“As we get on top of coronavirus it’s important to get the economy going again and life back to normal.