Andrew calls for moratorium on incinerators

Andrew took part in a debate held today in parliament on waste incineration, intervening to argue that if incinerators or variants like gasification plants of the sort that Hills Waste wants to build in Westbury are permitted at all, they should be sited well away from where people live.

Speaking after the debate Andrew said;

“I don’t believe we need any more incinerators or variants like gasification plants. They perversely disincentivise waste reduction and recycling as they are only profitable with a very high volume of waste with calorific value to burn. 

“I’d like to see a complete moratorium but, as a minimum, unproven pyrolysis and gasification works of the sort Hills Waste wants to inflict on Westbury should be located far away from homes. 

“In Westbury there are additional issues with heavy traffic that would be generated by the proposed gasification plant. 

“I don’t want Westbury to be dumped on as the region’s preferred solution for disposing of its municipal rubbish.