URGENT News Release

Andrew has just been told by Bio Energy and Infrastructure Group, co-owner of the Westbury gasification plant, of the intention by it and Hills Waste to change the permissions for the plant to conventional incineration and to significantly increase capacity. 

Andrew said; 

“This is completely unacceptable. The quasi-green gasification figleaf has been whipped away and now we are left with the prospect of a fully fledged conventional incinerator on our doorstep. 

“This morning I’ve been fed a load of old nonsense by Bio Energy about supply chains and Brexit uncertainty but its actual motivation is clear - increased capacity which has been one of my fears all along. That presumably means more emissions, more heavy traffic through Westbury and the burning of waste rather than reducing and recycling it.

“If the current health crisis has had any benefits, it’s been the chance to imagine a greener, cleaner future. That’s incompatible with this proposal. I have already raised the Bio Energy proposal with the Leader of Wiltshire Council and I urge everyone to join me in resisting it.