Andrew writes to Chancellor about College Funding

Local MP Andrew Murrison has joined 164 MPs across the House of Commons in lobbying Chancellor Philip Hammond for a better deal for Further Education colleges like Wiltshire College.

Over the past decade school and university spending has been protected as government spending has been tightened to restore the economy. However, according to the Association of Colleges, colleges have had a funding cut of 30% over the same period

Dr Murrison said; “From recent visits to Wiltshire College in Trowbridge and discussion with Principal Amanda Burnside I am well aware of the pressing need to restore funding in order to upskill young people to improve both their life chances and the local economy.“

“Universities are important but they’re not everyone’s cup of tea. We have to ensure that all our young people have access to education and training that suits their needs, abilities and aspirations. 

“FE is a neglected part of the mix and if we don’t take action now I worry that we won’t have the skills to power our economy and help Britain compete in the world post Brexit.”