Andrew asks PM to ditch incinerators

Andrew Murrison asked Theresa May for a moratorium on new waste incinerators including gasification and pyrolysis plants today at PMQs - starting with the proposed gasification plant that Hills Waste wants to inflict on Westbury.

Dr Murrison pointed out that that the excess incineration capacity that now exists in the UK is putting downward pressure on efforts to reduce waste generation and to reuse and recycle it which are much greener and less damaging options. He also pointed out that a moratorium would burnish the UK’s strong application to host the 2020 UN Climate Change Conference.

Speaking afterwards he said;

“The PM gave a considered reply suggesting that she was considering the introduction of an incinerator tax to promote recycling. Such a tax would also replace falling revenues from the successful landfill tax and has much to commend it, although I would prefer an outright ban on new incinerators and related operations.”