Andrew asks Lloyds to think again about Westbury

Andrew Murrison has written to Lloyds Chief Executive Antonio Horta Osorio about his planned closure of the Westbury Edward Street branch, the last high street bank in the town. The MP said;

"I do appreciate that reduced footfall and more online banking means that high street branches are struggling. However, Lloyds is saying that this closure is partly

down to its premises being old and needing investment. There are lots of more modern units vacant in the town and I'm sure the council would do all it can to facilitate relocation. 

"Lloyds is always writing to MPs to emphasise its corporate social responsibility and it does have a foundation that does good work. It really would be good if our banks, which make good profits, could work together to provide for a few years more of basic banking for the predominantly older customers who feel less comfortable with banking online.

The announcement earlier this year followed a major review of Lloyds banking that will see 200 branches closing.